Identify Threats in Real-Time with Continuous Database Monitoring

Database Activity Monitoring

In today’s environment of the real threat of data breaches no organization is immune from cyberattacks. Threats can come from both inside and outside your organization – or from hacked credentials from a legitimate employee.

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) is an essential part of your security and compliance strategy,  helping you to identify insider threats and ensure your organization is complying with all federal regulations such as SOX and PCI. A DAM solution provides real-time, continuous monitoring of your databases to alert you to unauthorized or suspicious activities, and block them. DAM is also useful to facilitate investigations of questionable database activities, with analytics tools that can be customized to your organization’s specific environment and needs.

DAM can scale to support even the largest of databases, from your Big Data platforms to your mainframes and all kinds of data warehouses in between, whether they be cloud-based or on-premises.

We can help you design, deploy and manage a DAM solution and help you integrate it into your existing identity environment for maximum protection. Call us today to start a conversation.