Securing Your Users’ Mobile Devices

Enterprise Mobility Management

Today’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) landscape creates new challenges for organizations as the balance between the need to secure their data and the enablement of easy access for your users can be difficult to navigate.

By combining your users’ digital identities with device status using an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, you can ensure your data is safe. This combination manages and secures your users’ mobile devices - whether they are BYOD or corporate-owned - with integrated policies across applications, locations and devices. We can even help you design a simplified approach that includes self-service tools, so users can enroll their own device. Once enrolled, you can track and enforce the mobile devices that are accessing your applications and remotely wipe, lock and un-enroll compromised devices.

An EMM solution pairs perfectly with your existing Identity & Access Management (IAM) program, including Single Sign-On, as it uses your current authentication methods. EMM can also be audited using your existing IAM solution to ensure you’re in compliance with industry regulations.

We can help you design, deploy and manage a secure EMM solution, and help you integrate it into your existing identity environment. Call us today to start a conversation.