Welcome to Our Newly Redesigned Website!

Welcome to our new GCA.net website! We are delighted that you are here with us. Our new site has been created to be intuitive and easy to use – and is of course responsive so you can view the site from any device and have a consistent experience. The website incorporates our updated brand identity, including our new logo, brand elements, color palette and messaging. As part of our new website, we are also launching our new blog. You’ll see regular blog posts from our leadership team, plus guest blog posts from our best-of-breed vendor partners – all written to keep you in the know about what’s happening in Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology.

The new site is designed to guide visitors through our team’s capabilities, based around the three pillars of our business; Our Operations, Our People and Our Solutions. It is our structure around these three areas that set us apart from other solution providers in our space. They are the foundation that we use to provide our clients with an exceptional experience.

Our new brand mark tells the story of our business, that I’d like to share with you. The logo incorporates two elements; arrows and diamonds. You’ll note that the logo includes arrows that point both inward and outward. The inward arrows reflect our promise to align to our client’s needs and objectives, while the arrows pointing outward mimic a directional compass (North, South, East and West) to represent the IAM journey we take with our clients and partners. The arrow motif is housed inside of a diamond shape, to evoke a feeling of our company’s immutability and endurance. You’ll also see on our site that we have incorporated new brand elements throughout that speak to the concepts in the brand mark.

We love what we do here at GCA, helping enterprises design, implement and manage complex IAM solutions. It is our hope that this new site demonstrates our excitement for the IAM business and the exceptional collaboration that is an instrumental part of our success. Our entire team – from our sales people, to our consultants, to our project managers and beyond – is committed to helping our clients solve business challenges. The launch of our new site and brand image provides us with a new face to the world, but our company and our dedication to our clients remain unchanged.