Admin Account

by | Jan 27, 2022

Admin Account Management

Leverage IDM to manage provisioning and passwords for admin accounts.

Current Situation: : Initially, IDM programs focus on managing identities and associated accounts. However, organizations typically have other account types that need management, like admin, service, and test accounts.

Impact:The most considerable ROI for organizations is the IDM setup to manage provisioning for full-time employees, contractors, and 3rd party vendors. However, this still leaves commonly used non-user accounts unmanaged like admin, service, and test accounts.

Resolution: At GCA, we have set up admin, service, and test account management with multiple clients and multiple IDM solutions like SailPoint IdentityIQ and MicroFocus Identity Manager.

This solution creates a workflow where users can create, delete, modify, and manage passwords for admin, service, and test accounts. With this workflow, organizations can set naming criteria, require account ownership, and require descriptions describing the purpose of the accounts. The access granted is documented and auditable.

Business Outcomes