Merge New Hire
Access Approvals

by | Jan 26, 2022

Merge New Hire Access Approvals

Access approvers are often the busiest people at an organization, so simplifying the process adds significant favorability.

Current Situation: At this organization, they had SailPoint IdentityIQ (IIQ) Lifecycle Manager implemented. When new hires onboarded, IIQ handled the initial account setup and granted access rights based on birthright roles. Next, the new hire manager would log in to IIQ and request the additional access rights their staff needed. Typically, this would be around 20-30 additional points of access. This request created 20-30 separate approval paths for the requested access.

Impact: The pattern that emerged was that IIQ would assign individual approvers multiple approval tasks for each new hire. These numerous approvals meant reviewers had to click back and forth between screens in IIQ to ensure everything was properly reviewed and approved.

Resolution: To simplify these access request reviews, GCA added additional logic in IIQ to merge access request approvals. Regardless of how many access pieces were requested, the approvers could make all decisions on one page in IIQ. The time savings were moderate, but the improved user experience of these critical people positively impacted the perception of IIQ and improved the timelyness of approval processing.

Business Outcomes