Read-Only Application
Connectors for Access Reviews

by | Jan 27, 2022

Read-Only Application Connectors for Access Reviews

Meet your regulatory compliance needs with little effort from application owners.

Current Situation: Organizations just starting in their Identity Governance program typically have a starting hit list of applications. These applications grant access to sensitive data and thus fall under regulatory compliance controls.

Impact:A significant challenge, especially with large enterprise clients, is obtaining the time from application owners to integrate their application into the Identity Governance tools like SailPoint Compliance Manager or MicroFocus Identity Governance.

Resolution: The most effective approach is to pursue lightweight read-only application connectors. These connectors are typically built from delimited text / CSV files, direct database connections, directory connections, or web service API connections. Because these connections are read-only, the engagement of the application owners is minimal, and integrations are complete quickly.

Business Outcomes