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IT Terminology

IT Terminology For The Busy Professional

Emerging Technologies Are Hard To Keep Up With By now, many of you have likely stumbled across the viral social media video of a child in a convenience store articulating the meaning of blockchain in simplistic terms to ...


Do You Have Shadows Lurking In Your IT?

What is Shadow IT? When you think of a shadow, what are some of the first things that come to mind: maybe a scene from a scary movie you watched against your better judgement, or perhaps an ominous late night venture thr...


Identity Governance and Administration | Access Requests & Problems Ahead

Complications Of Implementing An IGA Solution For Your Organization Say your organization has been looking at an Identity and Access Management (IAM) or an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution.  Better y...


Setting the Record Straight about Governance, Security & Compliance

The True Meaning Of Governance, Security & Compliance Governance. Security. Compliance. What comes to your mind when you hear each of those three words? Lately, I have noticed a lot of people using these terms interc...

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