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Director of Mental Conditioning: Cybersecurity’s New Role?

Recently, one of GCA’s partners made an interesting hire: a Director of Mental Conditioning. Derin McMains (who is now the Director of Mental Conditioning at ReliaQuest) was a former minor league baseball player and Peak...

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Identity Governance:
Why Outsourcing Simplifies Politics

Of all the projects that can be done in the identity and access management (IAM) space, identity governance is often considered the most intrusive. In order to understand why this is, let’s compare other common IAM proje...

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GCA Employee Awarded Badges for Unparalleled SailPoint Expertise

GCA employee Chris Cohoon, the SailPoint Practice Manager, has earned the SailPoint IdentityIQ Development Architect, Security Architect, and Cloud Architect badges. Chris is the only person in the world who has been awa...


What to Look for In Reliable IAM Professional Services

In the event of an incident, you need to know your IAM provider will be here for you. If a crisis occurs at your organization, executives will be clamoring for answers. Your IAM provider needs to be able to resolve the i...

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How GCA Got 18,000 BYOD
Devices Back Online

At GCA, we are our client’s trusted partners. In times of crisis, we work hard to ensure they can rely on us to resolve any incidents quickly. Our top resources react fast in high-pressure situations and we keep an open ...


Why You Should Expect the Unexpected During Access Reviews

There are many terms for Identity Governance (like Access Reviews Recertifications, Certifications, etc.) but they all boil down to essentially the same definition: the process to review access assigned to identities at ...


Zero Trust Implementation:
The First Step

What is Zero Trust? Zero Trust is the idea of a framework that is built around the premise of continuous validation: always questioning who someone is and what they want to do. In a zero trust model, you assume every use...

Copy of [GCA] Social Post #11 - Blog #11 - Zero Trust & Rolling Stones Concert

What The Rolling Stones Teaches Us About Zero Trust

One of the biggest roadblocks to effective IT is a lack of understanding throughout the organization. At GCA, we often use analogies to explain complicated methodologies to non-technical stakeholders. With this approach, the key concepts can be easily grasped and technical details like “Layer 7 Security” can be reserved for technical discussions. In this example, we’ll use a Rolling Stones concert to demonstrate zero trust in a way that is accessible to everyone at your organization. 


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Leverage SailPoint IdentityIQ to Meet Use Cases

Gartner ranked SailPoint IdentityIQ (IIQ) as one of the top IGA tools on the market. This article will look at some lightweight customization that SailPoint has built into its product you can use in your SailPoint instan...

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need IAM Experts

Third-party research tells us that more than 50% of first-time IAM projects fail. For 4 out of 5 projects that do get past implementation, executives believe they do not deliver enough value. This is where an IAM expert ...

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