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How to Mitigate Risk with Proper IAM Testing

Problem Statement Skimping out proper testing is easy; testing is too often treated with a subjective approach versus a systematic approach. It is too easy for a developer to say, “oh yeah, I tested that.” Many times...


Capital One’s Story: The $80 Million Price of Not Following Best Practices

There are big fines waiting out there for organizations that do not take information security seriously. In 2019, Capital One paid an $80 million civil penalty for its role in a security breach that exposed the personal ...


Key Takeaways:
Colonial Pipeline Attack

No one would have guessed that a typical ransomware attack would create a domino effect that ended in half of the United States going without gas. The Colonial Pipeline Attack was the wake-up call a lot of IT leaders nee...


Automation, IT Security and Data Access Governance

The Impact Of Automation, IT Security And Data Access Governance On Modern-Day Security Automation is everywhere these days, especially in the IT security space. Everything done in modern-day security revolves around aut...

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