GCA Business Processes

For years GCA has been excellent at roadmap designs, use cases, test cases and keeping them all up to date. When it comes to people, process and technology, GCA provides unmatched solutions. GCA is an industry-leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) boutique Consulting group comprised of best-in-class IAM engineers, architects and thought leaders.


Our engineers recognize that every environment is unique, comprised of complex systems and processes that should be considered in detail when evaluating any decision. We help you capture the minute-to-minute details that create a manageable and sustainable roadmap to redesign your IAM system to optimize your business vision while collaborating seamlessly across your entire enterprise, including legacy tools.

GCA takes the stress out of figuring out where to get new data and what reporting path to utilize in the organization for specific situations. Our team of experts will ensure your new IAM solution will enable you, rather than limit you, empowering your organization to enhance employee productivity through protecting cloud services, automating processes and reducing the cost of compliance and administration.

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At GCA, customer success is delivered via consistent, continuous validation of the solution against the original strategy and the ability to pivot with quick alterations when necessary.

We leverage our battle-tested methodologies to communicate and document all phases of the processes. Once the roadmap is in place for your program, it’s time for GCA to deliver. Using our structured model, we’ll help your organization avoid common pitfalls. This is achieved in six simple steps:

Throughout these steps, GCA will strategize, plan and apply proof of concept. Once the solution is delivered, GCA provides continuous peer reviews and check-ins to ensure that organizations achieve the best possible outcome. Our team of experienced experts will help you continuously optimize your investment, implement additional efficiencies, increase uptime and improve your users’ experience.


At GCA, we believe that you should invest in a solution that is built to last. This requires not only a thorough understanding of your current state, but also the technologies that best suit your case. That’s where GCA comes in. We work closely with you to carry out the necessary assessments to make an informed decision, including:

  • Compliance and identity management readiness checks.
  • Identity risk analysis.
  • Evaluation of vendors against business requirements.
  • Identity-specific strategy workshops.

We comprehend the most sophisticated systems on the market and provide clear guidance for your organization. GCA is proud to offer an initial evaluation at no cost to your organization. Our technology partners understand that our clients’ needs come first and respect that we only recommend solutions in their best interest.