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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

What is PAM?

PAM tools provide organizations with the capabilities to secure privileged access to critical assets and inherently meet compliance requirements by monitoring these privileged accounts 24/7.


While IAM tools effectively manage your general system users, the elevated privileges of admin accounts require a more robust approach. As such, our PAM solutions handle everything related to admin accounts (both user and system accounts), from access provisioning and de-provisioning, user access certification of admin accounts throughout all your systems, and creating audit logs of all actions made with these accounts.

How PAM Keeps You Secure


  • Automates the discovery of privileged accounts
  • Manages privileged account credentials
  • Always maintains access control to
    privileged accounts
  • Generates temporary access
  • Monitors and isolates malicious activity
  • Provides necessary audit evidence on demand


  • Provides SSO, commands and actions securely
  • Delegates, controls and filters privileged operations at a granular level
  • Ensures required level of trust with authentication

Services &

  • Eliminates hardcoded passwords
  • Provides privileged account and session management (PASM) with vaulted credentials
  • Provides privilege elevation and delegation management (PEDM) through host-based agents

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Protect Your Privileged Accounts

Bad actors target privileged accounts in order to infiltrate your systems, hold your data for ransom, or steal sensitive information. Don’t leave your privileged accounts for the taking.
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