Managed Services: Compliance Automation

Automate Your Compliance, Focus on Your Vision

Streamline and automate your access recertification campaigns with Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) from GCA.

We provide ongoing management of your Access Governance program with our staff of seasoned experts and assist you in developing a long-term systematic approach to building out an enterprise-wide access review program.

With CaaS, we’ll help you run effective access recertification campaigns, operate with transparency and provide reporting so you can see the status of your campaigns in real-time.

From maintenance and help desk support to campaign setup and follow-up reporting, our CaaS services can provide you with the resources you need to ensure your organization is successfully executing access certification campaigns and meeting compliance requirements.

How You Benefit


Save time and money when compared to manual controls.


Status and audit information within a single dashboard.


Risk management decisions can be made based on real-time data.


Reduces the likelihood of encountering compliance fines or breaches

As part of your Compliance -as-a-Service (CaaS) package, you’ll receive numerous benefits.

Certification Campaign Management

Our team will handle your user access review campaigns from start to finish.

  • Campaign Configuration

    Identify and manage recommended configuration updates to improve the successful execution of your user access review campaigns.

  • Campaign Launch

    Schedule and launch user certification campaigns according to your schedule and compliance needs.

  • Campaign Monitoring

    We Monitor user access reviews and coordinate the communication reminder schedule in collaboration with your governance team.

  • Data Reviews of Live Campaigns

    We’ll Review questions about the access review and interact directly with end users in a timely manner.

  • Backline Help Desk Support

    Available to assist with Help Desk support to answer questions related to certification campaigns.

Operational Maintainence

We’ll maintain your governance applications and help to ensure your data is clean.

  • Data Monitoring

    Our team will provide continuous monitoring of application data pulled into Identity Governance, validating data import prior to the launch of your access review campaigns and address errors ASAP.

  • Entitlement & Role Meta Data

    We’ll manage required updates of permission or role attributes, including ownership, descriptions and other meta data in accordance with your business requirements.

  • Enhancements

    Our specialists handles minor enhancements to your data import processes and changes to the templates to ensure your data is properly displayed and communicated to the end users.

Knowledge & Reporting

Recurring reporting and consistent communication to provide you continuous visibility.

  • Reporting

    GCA provides reports following all access review campaigns and to applicable parties as necessary.

  • Audit Evidence

    Our team assists in providing evidence to auditors when requested and ensuring all evidence meets our stringent audit-ready standards.