Phase 1

You’re just getting started.

You’re just getting started, and your current IAM procedures lack standardization or are very manual for processes like employee lifecycle management. You realize revamping your environment is a time-consuming and daunting task. GCA can help to establish your IAM foundation and centralize storage for identities. We can help you start by introducing fundamental changes that lay the groundwork for future IAM endeavors but also have an immediate impact for your organization, such as automating the provisioning for your ubiquitous entitlements and synchronizing identities to eliminate duplicates for compliance purposes.

What we help you accomplish at this stage

Phase 2

Your users know your IAM system

Your IAM foundation for basic lifecycle management and access authentication is established, but compliance is still mostly manual, and your enterprise needs maturity in processes. GCA can assist with enabling your users with capabilities like self-service password management and reduced sign-on requirements. We empower your organization by improving compliance posture with automated auditing and reporting and via the integration of additional internal systems that expand your IAM capabilities further across your IT environment.

What we help you accomplish at this stage

Phase 3

Your IAM system is at a managed level of maturity.

Your IAM environment has a mature level of standardization and compliance procedures, but extended portions of your workforce are not yet included, and compliance tasks are still labor intensive. GCA enables you to extend your Identity Management to your contract workforce and incorporate advanced authentication methods across your environment. Additionally, we increase automation through access certifications/re-certifications and role-based access management.

What we help you accomplish at this stage

Phase 4 and 5

Your IAM system is near optimization

Your IAM environment is near optimization. You are operating at high levels of automation and boasting measured and enforced compliance. You can now start focusing on tools that will optimize your future and innovation, but the maze of required decisions is complex. GCA can take your IAM platform to the next level, offering advanced services like physical security integration and the adoption of security measures for new role groups such as privileged accounts, customers, and partners. We will help you round out your processes such as full employee lifecycle management and alerting for identity-related security events. Let GCA lead your IAM platform and business into the future.

What we help you accomplish at this stage

What We Can Do For You

GCA Can Help You No Matter Where You Are In The Maturity Matrix

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