IAM Services: Migration Services

If you were ready for a new house – Would it look exactly like your current home?

Technology is not static, and manual approaches to IAM are not sustainable for innovation and the rapid adoption of an increasing range of apps

Your platform should provide secure, compliant, and cost-effective integration across your IT environment that strategically aligns with your business model and IT policies. But many technology partners simply replace legacy systems 1:1 with a new vendor’s technology, which does little to innovate your existing environment. At GCA, we help to redesign your IAM system to optimize your business vision while collaborating seamlessly across your entire enterprise ecosystem, including legacy tools.

And we do this before your migration to protect your investment. We provide a solution with fine-grained configuration and data field mapping to each governed system. With GCA, we take the stress out of processes like figuring out where to get new data and what reporting path to utilize in the organization for specific situations. By employing our team of experts, we’ll ensure your new IAM solution will no longer be limiting but rather enabling; this empowers your organization to enhance employee productivity through automated processes, protect cloud services, and reduce the cost of compliance and administration.

It’s time to put your enterprise one step ahead of the game.

How You Benefit


Smooth migration from the existing legacy solution to chosen platforms


Automatically convert and migrate data and relevant configurations to your new system


Strategically design necessary connectors and map out ahead of time for an easy implementation