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May. 24th, 2018


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GCA's collection of useful whitepapers, guides, PDF's, and resources pertaining to Identity Management (IdM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Identity Governance (IDG) for data security professionals.



Forrester:  The Future of Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) technologies have become critical in the fight to protect customers from fraud, identity theft, and privacy abuses. Business leaders, CIOs, and CISOs use these technologies to both engage with customers and protect them throughout their journey. In this report, we help security and risk (S&R) professionals understand how they can leverage IAM technologies to enable new customer functionality and business models in the next three years.


Forrester:  Top Trends Shaping Identity and Acess Management (IAM) In 2018

For today’s digital businesses, identity and access management (IAM) involves more than just provisioning and enforcing employee access to corporate applications and data. Security and risk (S&R) pros must now govern and secure access across a hybrid application environment (on-premises, mobile, SaaS) and a variety of populations — including employees, partners, and customers — all without negatively affecting user experience. This report describes the top trends shaping the IAM landscape in 2018 and how S&R pros should adapt.


Gartner:  2017 Planning Guide for Identity and Access Management

The shifting of users, applications and management to the cloud, and the acceleration of IT innovation, has forever altered the IAM landscape. In 2017, technical professionals must focus on IAM initiatives that deliver rapid time to value but avoid "technical debt."

Key Findings:

■ Identity and access management (IAM) initiatives have traditionally required multiyear implementations before delivering full organizational value. But in the digital age, lengthy IAM deployments are unacceptable. In 2017, organizations will deploy agile IAM technologies that deliver business value within 12 months or less.

■ While organizations should focus on time to value in 2017, they should begin initial assessments to exploit the value of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Sailpoint:  Ebook - The Ultimate Guide to Identity Governance

This comprehensive 48-page book covers everything you need to know to start or further your journey into identity governance. From its history to the innovations and changes happening today, this book details what you need to build a user-centric identity governance strategy to secure your organization.


Sailpoint:  The 7 Tenets of Successful Identity & Access Management

The relationship between enterprises and their data is much more complex than ever before. In a regular workday, the average employee touches a massive number of systems – each with different levels of privilege demands. A head of HR needs high levels of privilege access to the HR system but low privilege to the IT infrastructure, product intellectual property or sales database. Product managers need almost the opposite access. How do you know each only has access to the level they are authorized?  And while everyone thinks about employees and IT staff access, what about the contractors and suppliers? And while many may not consider customers as needing access, they leverage product support, partner portals and all sorts of semi-privileged data. Then there are the ex-employees who still have their personal phones, computers and data sources they accessed while still on the inside. Were their access rights revoked timely?


Micro Focus:  Identity Governance and Administration Solution Reference Guide

In the early days of identity management, organizations implemented the technology to provision access to applications so that users could be more efficient from the first day on the job, and to reduce the risks of over-provisioned access. Regulatory compliance, it was believed, would be a side effect of automated provisioning. But, automating identity and access provisioning turned out to be more costly than most organizations could bear and the result was partial automation for only a handful of applications.


Okta:  Top 8 Identity & Access Management Challenges with Your Saas Application

With the exploding adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, enterprise IT is fundamentally changing. While on-demand services provide tremendous ROI, they also introduce new challenges that must be overcome to truly capitalize on their potential. Identity management problems such as controlling who is granted access to which applications and data and how to control access to these applications leveraging on premise directories such as Active Directory, have become increasingly important. Single Sign-On and user management solutions that are optimized for the cloud are necessary to help address these challenges.  This whitepaper presents the eight biggest identity and accessmanagement (IAM) challenges associated with adopting and deploying cloud and SaaS applications, and discusses best practices for addressing each of them.




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