Forgerock – OpenIDM

Forgerock – OpenIDM is an open source identity management technology. It is designed to allow you to manage the identity lifecycle of the individuals within your enterprise or those who securely interact with your business.

Keeping Pace with the Changes in Identity Management In the Work Environment

Identity and Access Management originated as a simplistic security solution. Most of your employees used it to do things like log in to payroll. The system checks your employee’s identity and verifies their details to determine payroll access.

A curious case is when an employee wants to access expense reporting. In this case, the program requires login details for access every time the employee tries to access the network. This is time-consuming and frustrating especially if each program has different login details [username and password).

Forgerock – OpenIDM assigns your employees a digital identity that represents them throughout your entire enterprise. That way, they only need to log in once. And regardless of the application accessed, the employee’s digital ID remains the same. They could log in from their smartphone, mobile device, or any other approved device.

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Extending Access Outside The Work Environment With Forgerock- OpenIDM

Consumer companies have seen the benefit of using Forgerock – OpenIDM to create unique secure digital identities for their customers. These identities could be used on the web, on a mobile device, or via an app.

These digital identities include personal data about the user, so it makes personalization for retailers a lot easier. If your customers have digital characters, you can automatically track their purchase history, which allows you to recommend products they may want to purchase or offer them targeted discounts.

Case in point, these unique digital identities allow an insurance company to tailor its policies based on a driver’s personal driving history. It makes it achievable for a person to enter their car, have their digital identity recognized, and immediately features like the temperature, a playlist, and seat preferences are adjusted. Since the digital identity follows the person, the same choices would be available in businesses that use the system. So if they rent a car, hail a cab, or use a driving service that uses Forgerock – OpenIDM, these preferences would automatically be applied.

Forgerock – OpenIDM Extends To Devices

It’s not just people who are getting online. Thanks to artificial intelligence, devices like thermostats, appliances like refrigerators, and gadgets like security cameras can self-operate. These devices interact with services, including utility metering, home monitoring, health tracking, and many others. This creates what Forgerock – OpenIDM refers to as Digital Identity Relationships. All of this information ties back to an individual.

Forgerock – OpenIDM works as a tool that your enterprise can use to manage all of these identities to give your customers a personalized experience and simultaneously protect their private information. Forgerock – OpenIDM makes it possible for you to empower your clients to decide what information gets shared, who it is shared with, and when it is shared.

Benefits of Forgerock – OpenIDM

IForgerock – OpenIDM is a security solution that performs a terrific job regarding Identity and Access Management. The positives associated with this particular product include:


  • Identity Provision: With this feature, your enterprise can simplify the task of identity provisioning and managing roles. As your employees change job functions, job titles, or geographic locations, access to data and information is automatically assigned thanks to Forgerock – OpenIDM’s responsive framework
  • Self-Service: According to statistics, one in five calls to a helpdesk in a large company is to reset passwords. If your business outsources IT, your employees could spend countless hours waiting to get their passwords to reset. The self-service feature uses multi-factor authentication to allow your employees to reset their passwords automatically. This feature also streamlines registration and access requests, thereby reducing helpdesk costs and improving employee productivity
  • Identity Visualization: This tool makes it easier for you to visualize who has access to what, and the relationship between users and devices that they have access to. If you do not have this information clear in mind, it is easy to assign inaccurate policies and create security gaps. When you can visualize identities, you can detect anomalies and prevent security breaches before they occur
  • Social Registration:  This technology is designed to make the registration process easier for your customers. If your users have an established ID on a platform such as Facebook, Google, etc., they can use that platform to easily login or register with your business. At the same time, you can access the attributes that have already been predefined on the platform and utilize them when determining policies that apply to the end-user.

One of the defining features of Forgerock – OpenIDM is the ease of access regarding reports and Audit analysis. Potential risks are identified, monitored, and reported to incident teams who can fix them for your organization to fulfill all compliance and government regulations successfully.