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GCA has the expertise to design, implement and manage the following Imperva solutions:
  • Breach Prevention
    • CounterBreach
  • File Security
    • File Activity Monitor
      • File Firewall
  • Cloud Security
    • Incapsula
      • SecureSphere for AWS
      • SecureSphere for Azure
  • Platform Management
    • Appliances
    • Agents
    • Advanced Technologies
  • Data Security
    • Data Protection and Compliance
      • Discovery and Assessment
      • Big Data Security
      • Data Masking
      • User Rights Management
      • Application Defense Center Insights
  • Share Point Security
  • Web Application Security
    • Web Application Firewall
      • ThreatRadar Subscriptions
  • DDoS Protection
    • Website DDoS Protection
      • Infrastructure DDoS Protection
      • Name Server DDoS Protection
Imperva protects business-critical data and applications by enabling organizations to discover assets and risks, protect information wherever it lives
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