Duo Trusted Access

Duo Trusted Access is an encompassing cloud-based security tool designed to authenticate users identity and the health of their device before their connection to critical applications on a centralized system.

The software solution verifies user identity and performs comprehensive vulnerability assessment for the invention by utilizing reliable modules including Every Application, Trusted Devices, and Trusted Users.

Duo Trusted Access caters to different techniques if Single Sign-On [SSO], two-factor authentication [2FA], configurable permissions and controls, Endpoint Visibility and remediation, and other trusted security protocols that make it perfect for businesses in the federal, financial, technology, education, retail, and legal sectors.

Overview of Duo Trusted Access Benefits To Your Enterprise

  • Prevents Errors and Automated Access Decisions: Incoming employees get immediate access while outgoing employees lose network access immediately
  • Automate Account Changes and Creation: An average of 30 minutes of IT admin time is saved, on average, for every provisioning request
  • Maintain One Source Of Truth for Users, Devices, and Groups: Reduces additional user stores and allows users to access different sources including HR systems
  • Eliminates Error in User Access Rights: Eliminate avoidable costs of unexpected security breaches and preparing for audits.


Duo Trusted Access is a reputable security solution that fulfills compliance standard to provide robust access control. The software solution offers an extensive set of security features that guarantee the security of services and devices that lack typical user password policies. The best part is that Duo Trusted Access achieves this feat in a user-friendly manner with an easy-to-use service that integrates seamlessly with multiple devices.

An essential feature of Duo Trusted Access is the Trusted User functionality. This feature is a critical module that acts as the first checkpoint for every user. The module employs two-factor authentication and authenticated contextual user access policies to approve the user’s identity. It keeps your applications from being breached by password and phishing attacks.

Duo Trusted Access provides a phishing simulator that can identify unverified users in your enterprise. By combining with the Duo data dashboard, any risk of phishing attacks can be efficiently monitored and measured.

Also, the Trusted Access module collates essential information on individual authentication requests and provides you with a platform to make data-based, verified security policy decision. Besides, the existing user policies give you leeway to limit access for specific user groups in a bid to fortify your security profile.

Additionally, with the Trusted Device module, you get total control over the type of devices that can connect to your business assets. The module verifies the health of every device before access is granted to applications.

Lastly, the Every Application module reaffirms the security of every application, both on-premises, and cloud-based, that relies on your business to function.

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Overview of Duo Trusted Access Features

Duo Trusted Access has multiple features that all contribute to the success of the security software as a leading solution for user identity authentication. They include:

  • Endpoint remediation
  • Device insights
  • Application access policies
  • User access policies
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Duo Access gateway
  • Device access policies
  • Single sign-on [SSO]
  • Duo Mobile
  • Self-remediation

Advantages of Duo Access Management Solution

Verify User Identities

Confirm the identity of every user with efficient, robust authentication processes proper to granting access to corporate resources and applications

Permit Visibility into Access Activities

Gain access to every device used to open corporate applications, irrespective of the corporate status if the device, and without using numerous device management agents

Maintain Integrity of User Devices

Check all devices used to access resources and corporate applications in real time, [at the time of access], to confirm their trustworthiness and security posture

Promote Adaptive Access Policies

Safeguard every application by stipulating policies that restrict access to the user’s and devices that fulfill the enterprise’s risk tolerance requirements.

Establish Protected Connections Across All Applications

Provide users with secure access to all applications that are protected both on-premises and cloud-based, via a seamless interface that can be operated remotely and otherwise.

Technical Details of DUO Access Management Solution

Compatible Devices
  • Web-based
  • Mac
  • Windows
Language Support
  • English
Pricing Model
  • Monthly payment
  • Free
Customer Types
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business
  • Cloud Hosted