BeyondTrust PowerBroker Identity Services – AD Bridging

Linux, Unix, and Mac since inception have functioned as standalone systems – each program with its set of groups, users, configurations files, access control policies, and passwords to remember.

Managing a network that includes these program – including the Microsoft environment – Can cause irregular administration for IT, and unnecessary complications for end users and has the potential to create a risk to the business.

PowerBroker Identity Services

PowerBroker Identity Services is a BeyondTrust product that serves as an Active Directory bridge solution and centralized authorization for Linux, Unix, and Mac environments by prolonging Microsoft AD Kerberos authorization and SSO capabilities to these systems.

By prolonging Group Policy to platforms that are now Windows-based, PowerBrokwr offers centralized configuration management, eliminating the risk and complexity associated with managing a heterogeneous network. BeyondTrust Identity Services is available in two packages – a paid enterprise version, and a free community open version.

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PowerBroker Identity Services Features

Active Directory Authentication
Provides users with Active Directory credentials – username and password – to achieve access via native LDAP/Kerberos protocols to non-Windows systems such as Linux, UNIX, and Mac. The tool is completely site-aware, providing authorization with the same awareness as any Windows system.

Multiple Domain and Forest Support
Systems can be connected to various domains in the same or different network and users can authenticate. PowerBroker Identity Services integrates seamlessly with all Windows trust types ranging from Windows 2000 and higher domains – external, and SID filtered, forests, 1-way, 2-way, transitive, non-transitive, and more.

Single Sign-on
Enables so how sign-on protocol from desktop to local machines or between systems without requiring credentials for future logins. By utilizing Kerberos, PowerBroker Identity Services uses its Active Directory authorization protocol as a bridge for ease of access regarding the activation of SSO regardless of the system.

Distributed File System (DFS) Support
Provides location-sensitive connectivity to the Microsoft DFS network.

Samba Integration
Enables quick integration to SAMBA shares without requiring credentials for new logins.

Command Line Interface
Provides complete system management directly via the command line.

Centralized Account Management
By securing accounts into Active Directory, BeyondTrust PowerBroker Identity Services provides a centralized database for login details.

Cached Credentials
Like a typical Windows desktop, if a Linux, Unix, or Mac user is unable to communicate with Active Directory, the tool keeps a cached copy of user data to approve offline access.

User Identification Model
The “cells” model is open to flexible options including multiple usernames, GIDs, UIDs and preconfigured shells for specific systems based on technical or application requirements.

Open Enterprise Cell Auditing
Seamless integration with a free iteration of PowerBroker Auditor allows the replacement of named cells and auditing of existing cells. When named cells or user personalities kept in the default cell are modified, the administrator can process an audited event for changes made.

Configure a vast array of failure and success SMNP traps with the group policy and command line.

Two Factor Authentication
Robust support for one-time password systems provides a degree of security when users access essential systems.

Operational Dashboard
Quick access to system metric and status via the management console.

Centralized Reporting
Detailed reporting that assists with audit and compliance requirements are all accessible via a single dashboard.

Centralized Event Management
All audited activity is safely stored in a central event database.

Direct Smartcard Authentication
Demands and pushes the authorization to systems with a functioning smartcard system.

Remote Smartcard Reader Authentication
Funnels a locally connected smartcard reader tailored to a remote Linux/Unix endpoint similar to if a reader was directly linked to the target host.

BeyondInsight Integration
Provides different auditing options, allowing for slylog, locally logging, the PBIS Management Console or the centralized reporting console  [BeyondInsight] employed by BeyondTrust.

Web-based PowerBroker Management Console
Identify, utilize, improve, associate and manage from a sole intuitive management console


  • The software solution has a super responsive user interface across all digital platforms including desktop, telephone, laptop, and tablets.
  • Provides extensive information on clients background.
  • Offers a variety of options depending on the enterprise needs.
  • Offers unique UI and smooth workflows.
  • The interface is easy to navigate and extremely streamlined for mobile devices.