MicroFocus / NetIQ - Privileged Access Manager (PAM)

MicroFocus / NetIQ – Privileged Access Manager (PAM) should be an essential part of your overall cybersecurity system.

It is the perfect security tool to safeguard your infrastructure against privileged users. In your business, privileged users are those individuals who have been granted creative control and access to critical data and information.

These could include managers, supervisors, and administrators who have access to systems like:

  •         Personally identifiable information
  •         Financial records
  •         Credit card information
  •         Health information

What Information Can Those with Privileged Access Manipulate?

You trust these individuals to go into database files systems and systems that control or grant access to critical paths. These individuals could shut down the operations, copy critical files, and share this information with others.

This does not include the access that super users, such as an administrator, a systems engineer, or a network engineer, has to network devices that access switches, wires, firewalls, and even the security systems that are protecting your property.

Individuals with privileged access may be able to directly interact with laptops and other personal devices that are used by responsible individuals within your business, including the Board of Directors or other people who hold a good amount of power and control within your company.

You want your trusted administrators, system engineers, and network engineers to have access to critical systems so they can do required maintenance and updates. However, it only makes sense that you be able to monitor and manage what they do with their access. MicroFocus / NetIQ – Privileged Access Manager gives you the ability to do just that.

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Benefits of MicroFocus / NetIQ – Privilenged Access Manager (PAM)

There are many reasons why you should be interested in using MicroFocus / NetIQ – Privileged Access Manager as your PAM solution. There are also a few areas where MicroFocus / NetIQ – Privileged Access Manager, based on information gathered from Gartner and Forrester, shows room for improvement.

  • Database Privileged Account Monitoring: There are enterprise critical databases that your privileged users will have access to, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL. This feature allows you or your security team to monitor the commands your administrator is running against a database. In real time, you will get a risk analysis of the commands that are being executed. If commands are being implemented that are outside of the norm, you are alerted and can take steps to keep your enterprise safe.


  • Secure Password Vaulting: A privileged user may need to have temporary access to sensitive systems or endpoints. The Enterprise Credential Vault stores your system’s application and database passwords. When a privileged user needs to access one or more of these systems or applications, they will be granted a temporary password that only allows them to access the systems or applications they are going to be working on.
    Passwords are created based on security policies your enterprise has in place or based on the workflow a privileged user has. Once the user has finished using the password, they check it back into the vault. That password is connected to the identity of the user. Anything that was done with that password can easily be traced back to them.


  • Comprehensive Privileged Account Management: This technology allows you to track, control, and monitor the activity of privileged users on credential-based systems. You can predict privileged user activity based on a history of behavior patterns, and areas they have access to.
    This means that if a privileged user attempts to access sensitive information from their home that should only be accessed from their office, they will be denied. If they try to obtain confidential information outside of work hours, they will be rejected. All user activity is recorded. So you can quickly identify suspicious activity and take pre-emptive measures.


  • Risk-Based Privileged Session Control: This is a robust risk analysis technology that records privileged user’s activity, and once that operation becomes risky, it immediately halts the process. Auditors can monitor the activity of privileged users, identify risks, and take pre-emptive steps before the organization’s network is negatively impacted.
    Each command that is typed by an administrator is given a risk assessment from 0 to 9 based on the individual who typed the command, the location where they typed the command, and the command that is executed.
    The auditor sees high-risk commands as red dots while low-risk commands appear as green dots. In between, there is a shade of colors. This makes it easy to identify activity that could pose a security risk instantly.

For more than ten years, MicroFocus has offered many technologies across operating systems and platforms designed to make it easier for you to secure your enterprise’s private information.

Where this technology shines is in its ability to audit and report. You can analyze potential security risks, identify areas that do not comply with in-house or in governmental regulations, execute the required changes, and defend any queries about your organization’s security protocols.