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Do You Have This Gaping Cybersecurity Loophole?

Is Your IAM Software Up-To-Date?

In the IT industry, we hear it all the time. “You must patch your software to protect it. Gotta have the latest patches.” Most of us are protecting our organization’s servers, desktops, laptops and phones by installing the latest software updates. But is your Identity and Access Management (IAM) software up to date with the latest patches?

From a hacker’s perspective, your IAM tools hold the keys to the kingdom. The IAM software that provisions user access and provides single sign-on capabilities manages access to dozens (and in some cases hundreds) of your enterprise systems. Here at GCA, we’ve found organizations often overlook the IAM stack for patching, as other projects have been higher up on the priorities list. With so much going on to fortify your systems and data against cyberattacks and the challenges of finding knowledgeable IAM engineers to install the patches, it’s easy to get distracted and neglect to patch IAM software.

The problem is that left unpatched, your IAM tools leave your organization vulnerable to external hackers or nefarious acts from internal users. Older versions of IAM (and related tools like single sign-on software) leave a gaping hole in your cybersecurity strategy. Without the latest security updates, your organization is left unprotected. If a hacker infiltrates your IAM stack, they can grant access to any user for any system connected to your IAM program and collect all of your organization’s confidential data – from your financials to your customer and sales information to your employee’s personal information.

While the risk is grave, the fix is in reach. There are numerous options to assist your organization rectify the situation, put the latest patches in place and ensure your IAM stack is protected.

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Options To Protect Your IAM Software

Project-Based IAM Patching

If your IAM software stack is more than six months behind the current software revision, your organization may need to enlist outside help to methodically apply the missing patches in sequence, and provide rigorous testing in an environment to ensure that nothing breaks during the updates. You’ve invested a lot in your IAM tools and your users rely on it to access applications that are essential to their job function, so great care must be taken to make the patching process seamless and without interrupting your business. A solution provider can help you resolve these issues and shore up your entire IAM stack.

IAM Managed Services

If your organization is up-to-date but has struggled in the past to keep up with IAM software patches, investing in a Managed Service with an experienced IAM solution provider is an option to consider. With a comprehensive IAM Managed Services package, your solution provider can manage your patches and ensure all of your tools are current and secure so your team doesn’t have to deal with it.

Perhaps your team wants to perform the upgrades themselves but doesn’t have a lot of experience with patching IAM software. There are Managed Services options that provide an expert to guide your internal team through an upgrade, sharing best practices and advice on avoiding common pitfalls.

If you need help with updating your IAM tools with the latest patches, contact us today. We offer both IAM Managed Services and project-based assistance to help you maintain and optimize your IAM technology stack. Our mission is to solve your business challenges with cutting-edge technology, driven by our core values of passion, helpfulness, reliability, innovation, ongoing learning and a commitment to excellence.

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