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Is Identity the ONLY Perimeter?

In a recent webcast, Ping Identity’s Aubrey Turner ended his discussion on “Devising Cloud Strategies and Solutions” with a question that caused some reflection: “Is Identity the ONLY perimeter?”

The zero trust framework was key in naming identity as the new perimeter. But is it the only perimeter?

Classic Network Defense is Dead

The classic network defense of a moat and castle is out the door. As our technology infrastructures have moved to the cloud and multi-cloud tenants, building a moat has become impossible. That is why so many organizations have turned to zero trust models.

The New Perimeter

The reason identity is the new perimeter, as Aubrey eloquently put it, is that it is “the most portable way in this new world of controlling access and maintaining security.”

In the webcast, Aubrey detailed four big strategic steps organizations need to take for cloud security strategies and to establish this identity perimeter.

1. Unify Administration in the Cloud – This is a fundamental building block to success. Organizations are spread across hundreds of applications and endless devices, networks, and locations. Having the ability to manage this complexity begins with centralizing administration.
2. Establish Cloud Authentication Authority – The next step is to have one source of identity data and establish standardized policies and procedures for the organization to interact with the data.
3. Globalize Cloud Authentication Authority – This step aims to centralize the security technologies like MFA, SSO, VPN, SSH, etc. Many organizations have multiple implementations of the same technology, but organizations will be set up best for streamlined management by centralizing them.
4. Consolidate Legacy IAM in the Cloud – IAM has been around for multiple decades now. It is time to consolidate legacy systems into future-ready cloud systems.

Simplicity Via Technology

“Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” -Steve Jobs

This quote from Steve Jobs summarizes the current state of enterprise security architecture. Over the past few decades, phenomenal technology has been developed to help organizations meet modern security challenges. As we approach the 2030s, the next critical piece will be to figure out how to make it all work together simply.

GCA Creates Simple Security

At GCA, we are focused on making the difficult task of securing your organization’s perimeter simple. We design IAM systems that are automated, monitored, are zero-trust enabled. Learn more about how GCA keeps your organization secure. Contact us today.

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