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Sailpoint Identity IQ Connectors and Productivity Suite

What is Sailpoint Identity IQ?

SailPoint IdentityIQ is a world class identity management and governance solution. Based on our expertise implementing SailPoint IdentityIQ, GCA has created a suite of enhancements that will improve the performance and administrative capabilities of any SailPoint implementation.

  • Improve the efficiency of your IdentityIQ administrators
  • Improve error reporting
  • Reduce databasebloat
  • Improve system performance
  • Safeguard your system from improper code changes

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What Are The Benefits Of Sailpoint Identity IQ?

1.  IdentityIQ Audit Event Archival / Retrieval

Different organizations require different levels of auditing. Whether you need to track changes in data, access requests, or log-ins to IdentityIQ, the out-of-the-box solutions grants you the ability to configure which events to capture. Audit events can quickly build up over time, especially if the environment is large and many items are configured. Depending on your organization, retention of these objects within IdentityIQ could lead to performance degradation. The AuditEvent Archival tool allows administrators to configure an age for the AuditEvent objects so that they are automatically off-loaded into a long-term storage database. This allows the IdentityIQ database to remain lean while retaining critical auditing data. The AuditEvent retrieval tool grants administrators and auditors the ability to temporarily retrieve archived events from a configurable time-range so that they can be used in IdentityIQ Reports and the Advanced Analytics tool.

2.  IdentityIQ Object Terminator

An advanced tool that allows administrators to clean out older data that tends to build up within the IdentityIQ database. While certain objects can be configured to expire, others cannot. This utility allows admins to schedule tasks, per object type, and specify an age for deletion. When the task runs, it will purge the system of all items older than the configured age, ensuring that performance stable and that only pertinent data remains in the system.

3.  SVN Auto Commit

Due to the liquid nature of a business, configurations are bound to change over time. Sometimes, ambitious changes can lead to undesired behavior that may not be detected for some time. Subversion is a common version repository used by implementers to maintain revisions of business-logic configurations as they are updated over time. The SVN Auto Commit to can be configured to automatically capture changes in configurations, versioning and storing them into an SVN repository. This provides a historical snapshot of the evolution of business-logic configures over time, granting administrators and implementers the ability to revert to previous versions of configurations on an as-needed basis.

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