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Fine-Grained Access Control

What is Fine-Grained Access Control?

With Fine-Grained Access Control, each data item has its own access control policy. This type of access control is typically used in cloud computing, where often a large quantity of data types and data sources may be stored together but each data item must be accessed based on different criteria.

Why Is Fine-Grained Access Control Important?

In cloud computing and big data analytics, the more information you can aggregate together, the better your results will be. When dealing with data types and data sources that are managed by regulatory requirements, however, like customer data or financial transaction information, the stringent regulations around access to and protection of that data must be maintained. Fine-grained access control allows data with different access requirements to coexist in the same storage or analytics environment.

Developing a fine-grained access control schema is a challenging task that requires sophisticated expertise to implement effectively. Our team of consultants can help your organization create and implement fine-grained access control to meet your compliance and security requirements while allowing you to reap the benefits of large-scale data aggregation


GCA Technology Services provides you with a consultancy team that specializes in helping clients identify and solve gaps in your organization’s Identity Manager system and its compliance reporting capabilities. By collaborating with our esteemed expert consultants, you are saying yes to a partnership that will allow your team to craft policies and controls that are guaranteed to suit your business identity, meet your regulatory requirements, strategize a successful IAM solution, and implement it to maximum effect.

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