SailPoint solutions fully optimized to you

Companies today face challenges from new security threats, compliance requirements, workflow optimization and M&A activity.

GCA is well-versed in these challenges. We help organizations overcome them—as well as business-specific obstacles—by deploying, configuring and managing a SailPoint solution that we’ve tailored to meet their needs. We empower businesses to leverage SailPoint to take the guesswork out of managing identities by automating tasks, streamlining policies and workflows, improving identity verification and more.

With SailPoint, GCA can help you:


Improve compliance and audit performance while lowering costs through:

  • Business-Friendly Access Certifications.
  • Automated Policy Management.
  • Audit Reporting and Analytics.

SailPoint IdentityIQ Compliance Manager



Deliver access securely and cost-effectively while optimizing workflows:

  • Self-Service Access Request.
  • Automated Provisioning.
  • Rapid Application Onboarding.

SailPoint IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager



Provide a user-friendly solution for managing user passwords to reduce operational costs and boost productivity:

  • Self-Service Password Management.
  • Strong Password Policy Enforcement and Sync.

IdentityIQ Password Manager


Optimizing Identity for Your Organization: Download the Complete Guide

Security and Compliance Management

64% of data breaches are a result of insider negligence—and we don’t have to iterate that compliance slip-ups and security breaches aren’t cheap.

A significant portion of threat vectors, from accidental insider breaches to malicious hacks, can be avoided with the right SailPoint configuration.

Implementing an identity management system is the first step to securing an organization. But in order for providers to truly mitigate their risk, they must know who has access to what data and applications. Staff, contractors, administrators, partners and users in other roles may all have access to different sets of data. In order to safeguard and manage access to sensitive data, companies need consistent and unified policies and procedures that complement their compliance systems.

GCA helps organizations accomplish this level of reliable compliance through SailPoint’s robust and configurable IAM solutions. We help organizations configure SailPoint to manage the personas, policies and procedures specific to their organization, and help them manage their SailPoint solution over time to ensure ongoing compliance.

Simplify Processes

GCA approaches IAM engagements with the goal of simplification. We aim to help organizations leverage SailPoint to simplify processes and workflows for employees, clients, system administrators and other users. SailPoint’s flexibility and robust capabilities allow us to configure more streamlined environments that boost productivity, improve visibility, and reduce the risk of error.

Optimizing SailPoint with GCA

GCA is a SailPoint partner that serves clients nationwide in a diverse range of industries.

We have the experience and the capabilities to assist your organization in every step of its SailPoint journey, from initial planning to ongoing monitoring. Whether you’re new to IAM altogether, you’re currently using a different IAM solution or you’re already using SailPoint and need help with its optimization, we can help.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you optimize your SailPoint solution.