Envisioning Workshop

GCA offers an IAM Envisioning Workshop that consists of a full day working session covering the overview of IAM trends and leading vendors

While Identity and Access Management is considered one of the best way you can increase your cyber hygiene and secure your environment, it is also known to be incredibly difficult to implement.

This is due to the fact that many firms tend to focus on specific problems affecting an organization rather than looking at the big picture. At GCA, we consider all of the goals you are striving to achieve while factoring in the optimization of your investment and the importance of remaining secure in order to mitigate your risk.

GCA offers an Envisioning Workshop that consists of a full day working session covering the overview of trends and leading vendors, current challenges that GCA has seen other clients experience (and how we overcome them), and the biggest business drivers for IAM in your particular industry.

Without knowing what IAM is or how it can benefit your organization, we can’t expect you to commit to such a grand initiative. As such, we at GCA value your time and want to ensure we provide you with the education and the roadmap during our workshop to give you confidence in your decision to adopt an industry-leading IAM strategy. While our experts valued this workshop at $10,000, we absorb the investment to ensure you are getting tremendous value at ZERO cost.

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How You Benefit

GCA Technology Services adds value to businesses in every industry by connecting information security policies, procedures and best practices with our customer’s strategic business goals. Our security thought leaders and experts, backed by our team of consultants and engineers, can provide the experience you need to evolve your IAM framework to the next level.

GCA Technology Services’ security professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve results and realize real value. Our team of 30+ highly skilled client managers and security practitioners work hard to deliver superior results and cutting-edge research to solve your most complex, real-world security problems. Our knowledge of leading best practices enables GCA Technology Services to formulate security recommendations tailored to meet your specific business objectives and fit cohesively into your existing IT environment.

At GCA, we have developed proven methodologies and roadmaps to help ensure superior outcomes for your projects and programs, no matter the size of your company or the industry you do business in. We take your success very seriously, and sincerely want to be a part of your successful IAM journey!