IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar SIEM is a platform created by IBM to provide a 360-degree view of a company’s security system.

The tech platform is designed to detect security threats and report them. QRadar pinpoints events that are stored on the security system log sources and crosschecks then to see if they are in line with specific laws configured in QRadar. These rules were created by implementing particular relevant scenarios to address the needs of a specific computer network.

When it comes to choosing a SIEM solution that can cater to a company’s needs in terms of rapid response to information security incidents, there are a variety of factors that need to be considered. They include: ease of scaling the solution, the quality work of the threat intelligence team, and supported data collection protocols, among others.

For companies and large organizations, there is the slight issue of trusting a vendor. Executives of IT and ITSec-directions need to note essential factors such as:

  1. How long has the vendor operated in the industry for SIEM solutions?
  2. Are there enough cases of projects implemented with the solution in the business or related fields?
  3. What type of reviews has the product garnered from companies who have deployed the product?

Gartner is our preferred choice as we consider them the biggest independent research company with many experts on their payroll whose sole purpose is to determine the viability of software solutions like IBM QRadar.

Gartner usually compiles a yearly report, which reviews SIEM solutions, by comparing their pros and cons. The resulting report is a graphical analysis that is categorized into four sections, family known as the magic quadrant of Gartner.

The four sections are niche players, visionaries, pretenders, and leaders. IBM QRadar has the distinguished honor of being the most desirable SIEM solution to utilize in the IT infrastructure, firmly getting a seat in the “Leaders” section of Gardner’s magic quadrant.

IBM QRadar has consistently displayed extreme levels of customer satisfaction and provides excellent technical support.

IBM QRadar took pole position at the latest quadrant for SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions. This position is as a result of continuous improvement over the past decade, and IBM QRadar has moved between contiguous phases of the quadrant.

Earning individual position among its SIEM-system peers is a product of the planned policy of solution development for a long time. Currently, IBM QRadar utilizes advanced technologies to manufacture efficient SOC such as vulnerability management mechanisms, artificial intelligence system, machine learning, threat intelligence base, and behavioral analysis of users.

IBM, in partnership with GCA technology services, offers services to create an efficient list of SOCs based on IBM QRadar solutions. Multifunctionality and easy scalability of the solutions will ensure a timely and efficient response to emerging information security incidents.

To accurately detect incidents – such as an attempt to hijack sensitive data or install malware on an employee’s desktop – QRadar requires fine-tuning post-deployment. This process can be carried out by external SIEM consultants or the company’s in-house security personnel if they possess the required qualifications.

Companies with a large IT environment will find this solution particularly useful. The wider the environment, the more complex it is to execute manual detection of these security breaches. Basically, it is practically impossible to carry out a manual audit due to the number of work hours and personnel needed.

IBM QRadar is designed to assist security teams in identifying, detecting, and prioritizing security threats across the enterprise, and it provides an intelligent approach through which security teams can respond quickly and efficiently to cut back on the impact of security loopholes drastically.

By overseeing network flow data and log events from hundreds of devices, applications, and endpoints distributed throughout the enterprise, QRadar curates all the information provided and streamline related events into alerts that accelerate remediation and incident analysis.

QRadar Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is available onsite and in cloud-based form.

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Benefits of IBM QRadar Management Solution

  • Comprehensive Visibility: Access logs, flows, and events across SaaS, onsite and IaaS environments
  • Eliminates Manual Tasks: Access all events related to a specific threat centrally In a single window to eliminate manual tracking protocols and allow analysts to prioritize investigation and response
  • Real-time Threat Detection: Employ unconventional analytics that automatically tracks logs and network flows to pinpoint threats and focus on creating alerts as attacks spread through the kill chain
  • Efficiently Manage Compliance: Act in accordance with external regulations and organizational policies by utilizing templates and pre-built reports

Key Features of IBM QRadar

  • Automatically normalize and parse logs
  • Flexible infrastructure with onsite or cloud-based platforms
  • Highly scalable and self-service database
  • Applies pre-installed analytics to detect threats efficiently
  • Threat intelligence and customer support for TAXII/STIX
  • Collate vast amounts of data from the cloud and onsite sources
  • Pinpoint related scenarios to identify risks efficiently
  • Applies out-of-the-box with 450 solutions


  • Very stable. Rarely gets interrupted, even after extensive iterations
  • It is effortless to set up from scratch
  • Provides real-time updates for prioritization and threat detection – QRadar SIEM provides actionable and contextual surveillance across the entire enterprise
  • Extremely useful from a compliance point of view
  • The new structure is an improvement on the former UI based infrastructure
  • Improved comprehensive visibility for ongoing parameters
  • Ability to add extensions is IBM QRadar most impressive feature as these extensions provide valuable test ports