Software Agnostic

Software Agnostic

Find out what being software agnostic really means.

Software Agnostic is a term that refers to a program, system, function or organization that works consistently regardless of any particular brand of software that it may use. In other words, it’s not dependent upon using a particular brand of software. In contrast, some programs or organizations are tailored around a particular software.


Why It Is Important

GCA takes a software agnostic approach to Identity and Access Management, so that we can provide our clients with the best recommendations and solutions tailored to their organization, rather than plugging in the same software solution for every client’s problem. This approach requires a high degree of expertise and a complex mix of skills on our consulting team, and it results in a world-class consulting team that will design a solution to perfectly address your firm’s challenges.


GCA Technology Services provides you with a consultancy team that specializes in helping clients identify and solve gaps in your organization’s Identity Manager system and its compliance reporting capabilities. By collaborating with our esteemed expert consultants, you are saying yes to a partnership that will allow your team to craft policies and controls that are guaranteed to suit your business identity, meet your regulatory requirements, strategize a successful IAM solution, and implement it to maximum effect.

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