Micro Focus eDirectory

eDirectory is the base for the world’s biggest identity management deployments. Businesses typically lay the groundwork for multi-platform network services and solid identity management solutions with the help of eDirectory.

MicroFocus eDirectory provides infrastructure, centralized identity management, enterprise-wide security and scalability to various applications working behind and beyond the enterprise firewall.

MicroFocus eDirectory is a member of Micro Focus Compliance Management Platform. The Micro Focus compliance management platform provides business process automation that guarantees users access to appropriate resources, approved in real-time to ensure compliance to enterprise guidelines.

MicroFocus eDirectory provides companies with the ability to fully control user lifecycle, from the hiring process, through process changes, till retirement of the user relationship. The Identity Manager function encompasses capabilities approval workflows, provisioning and deprovisioning of user accounts, managing user data, and managing user passwords throughout the enterprise databases, directories, applications, and OS platforms

Micro Focus eDirectory™ is a secure LDAP certified directory service that provides excellent scalability and a flexible platform to manage your enterprise identity architecture and multi-platform system services.

It empowers authenticated users with a platform to publish an array of directory-based websites that assist in maximizing advertising revenue. With comprehensive search functionality, mobile access, and advanced SEO reporting, including a fully personalized platform, Micro Focus eDirectory is the leading directory service solution in the industry.

The tool allows your advertisers to manage and track their marketing efforts in an industry where ROI remains an essential component of success in advertising.


  • SaaS, Cloud, Web
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Android Native for Mobile
  • iOS Native for Mobile

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Features of MicroFocus eDirectory for Organization Architecture

By prolonging Group Policy to platforms that are now Windows-based, PowerBrokwr offers centralized configuration management, eliminating the risk and complexity associated with managing a heterogeneous network.

BeyondTrust Identity Services is available in two packages – a paid enterprise version, and a free community open version.

Full-service Directory

A complete service directory is a centralized database that manages the storage, security, discovery, and relationships of your organization’s information.

Easily Track Relationships

Micro Focus eDirectory cultivates associations between the people, information, network applications, and network devices in your enterprise.


Micro Focus eDirectory can be applied o platforms such as Linux, SIX, Windows, Solaris, and more. Regardless of the system’s employed in your enterprise, Micro Focus eDirectory can integrate with your existing architecture

Compliant With Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Micro Focus eDirectory is LDAP compliant which means you can access and connect it via usual access protocols, making it simple to integrate with your organization.

Discovery, Storage, Security

Micro Focus eDirectory allows you to search, retrieve, and browse through specific information from your enterprise directory. You can manage access to data stored in the directory and save data in the database architecture for future purpose.

Impeccable Scalability

It has been tested with billion of directory objects and is guaranteed to provide the ability and scalability needs to run your enterprise smoothly regardless of the size of your organization.

Micro Focus eDirectory and Enterprise Management

As business and IT evolves, monitoring has become increasingly important. In many cases, the monitoring tools employed expand based on the plugin devices used. IT recognizes that tools are required to monitor the different areas of an enterprise – applications, network, and user simulation. Rarely is an individual tool used to monitor all aspects of the enterprise until Micro Focus eDirectory showed up.

Large software companies utilize its features and tools to monitor each area for internal approvability.

Micro Focus eDirectory also has a feature that customers cannot get enough. This feature is known as event correlation. Basically, if your organization has matured over the years and now utilizes different products, this feature allows you to receive alerts from different platforms to a single tool. Here, these alerts are automatically analyzed and combined together into a single event. This eliminates the possibility of duplicated alerts and related actions.

Several enterprises also prioritize end user response. By being proactive towards possible calls to the helpdesk, the tools helps your company to run automated tests designed to assess the response time from an end user point of view. Once these response time testers are placed throughout the network, you can correctly stimulate the right features.

This is a good indicator for the helpdesk to confirm that there is a problem that has not being picked up by the other monitoring tools.

Features of MicroFocus eDirectory

  • Application Management
  • Member Types
  • Website Management
  • Automatic Renewals
  • Dues Management
  • Event Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Payment Processing
  • Member Database
  • Member Portal
  • Committee Management

Pros of MicroFocus eDirectory

  • Simple and classy design
  • Intuitive and easy to browse
  • Flexible and personalized
  • Great directory platform
  • Great directory platform

Cons of MicroFocus eDirectory

  • The license has to be purchased separately
  • Custom development is of low quality