Access Governance

With an Access Governance (AG) solution you will ensure that the correct people in your organization have appropriate levels of access to applications, structured data and unstructured data - nothing more, and nothing less. With the recent increased emphasis on regulatory compliance and heightened concern about IT security, AG is an important tool for enterprises as it provides the controls and the visibility to properly protect your data and perform access certification reviews. AG also helps you understand where your sensitive data resides, determine who has access to it, and identify how it’s being used.

Without an AG program in place your IT team is likely expending significant time and effort compiling spreadsheets, sending dozens of approval emails and manually tracking data for quarterly access reviews. The automation provided by AG tools removes all of those manual processes and gets people back to doing productive work. With an effective AG solution you’ll find an increase in staff productivity – the burden of manual administration, diagnostics and forensics is all automated through AG. This simplification also reduces errors and decreases operational costs. AG can also automate your access certification review process to meet compliance requirements, providing your organization with strengthened audit and control.

Let our team walk you through the entire AG deployment process. We’ll be with you every step of the journey, from the assessment, to the initial deployment and ongoing maintenance. Our team’s expertise and experience will make sure your Acess Governance program is executed smoothly.