CIAM Solutions

Customer Experience + IAM = CIAM


Times have changed. Frictionless customer interaction is now the expectation. Most businesses don’t realize this can be done quickly and cost-effectively. With the CIAM solutions available from vendors like Okta, Ping, MicroFocus, and ForgeRock, your CX and your security posture can increase.

The 3x Core Components of CIAM

Single Sign-On

Enable your customers to get
to your resources seamlessly.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure your customer experience
with the latest technology.

Centralized User Management

Streamline customer support
and management.

Benefits of CIAM by Business Type

B2C CIAM Benefits

CIAM architecture can include functionality like social logins. Here instead of your customer credentials stored on your hardware, that is outsourced to the sophistication of Facebook, Google and the like.

  1. Reduced customer data to secure
  2. Reduced customer management overhead

B2B CIAM Benefits

Your customers may need to certify your CIAM processes. In highly regulated industries, you may need to assist your B2B customers in validating your identity data management processes to meet their controls.

  1. Simplify B2B onboarding
  2. Promote CIAM as a product feature

Not sure if your
organization can support CIAM?

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