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Data Access Governance

Data Access Governance

Data is the primary target of most security breaches. With Data Access Governance organizations can protect themselves by limiting permissions and access to data. At GCA we implement and manage Data Access Governance software solutions to unwind the complexity of data to strengthen security postures.

How can Data Access Governance software solutions assist? 

At GCA we are partners with the industry leading Data Access Governance solution providers. Their software is designed to discover where data lives and classify it. Next the data can be correlated and analyzed based on Sensitivity, Permissions, and Activity. Finally, automations can be configured to alert, quarantine, or take custom action with data policies are violated.

Examples of data locations that can be
scanned with Data Access Governance solutions:

File Systems





AWS Solutions

Key Features of a Data Access Governance Program

Connect & Discover
Connect to key systems and discover the data they contain.

Correlate & Enrich 
Correlate data permissions to identities through file and folder structure permissions and user / group relations. Then enrich data access events in real-time.

Analyze & Classify 
Based on business criteria classify data in terms of sensitivity, permissions, and activity.

Profile Behavior 
Configure activity profiles for automated behavior risk detection without human intervention.

Automate Data Security Policies
Configure workflows to take action automatically when data policies are violated. This can include automated alerts and data quarantining.

Take Control of Data with GCA

At GCA, we assist organizations with implementing their data governance programs. From product selection to implementation and management, we can supplement your existing IT teams with the services needed to protect your organization’s data.

Book a 15-minute discovery call to learn more about your organization’s data access governance and how GCA can help.


Data Governance Solution Partners

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