Multi-Factor Authentication

A single password is no longer enough to protect your organization from threats. A Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution can provide you with maximum protection from both hackers and insider threats by protecting your employees from credential theft.

If you’re looking for a more secure way for your employees and contractors to access your organization’s data and applications, MFA may be the right choice for you. MFA requires users to identify themselves in different ways before granting access, and provide a combination of:

  • Something you know (such as a password or an answer to a secret question)
  • Something you have (such as an employee id card, a unique code pushed to a mobile device or a one-time password)
  • Something you are (a biometric authentication such as fingerprints or retinal scans)

We offer adaptive MFA solutions that leverage a step-up approach to minimize disruptions to your users while still providing maximum protection. An adaptive MFA solution uses data (like the user’s location, device or network, or what type of data they’re trying to access and how often) to provide context to determine risk. Adaptive MFA requires a step-up only when the authentication is deemed risky. This greatly enhances the user experience - a user whose context matches pre-defined policies are able to gain easy access to their data or applications, while a user without a context match (for example, logging in from an unknown device) will be asked to provide additional authentication. Adaptive MFA allows your organization to fine tune requirements to only address the small percentage of user situations that indicate risk, while allowing the rest of the organization to remain uninterrupted.

Our experienced team is here to help tailor a specific solution to suit your organization’s security objectives, satisfy regulatory requirements and minimize disruptions to the business. We’ll help you design, deploy and manage a two-factor authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication solution that will deftly manage your users’ access and provide additional security from cyber threats.