Privileged Access Management

A Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution manages your organization’s privileged users that hold the keys to your kingdom. Users – such as System Administrators, application owners and your C-suite – have special access to your most sensitive data and are often a target for hackers. It is common knowledge that most cyberattacks are from inside your organization, or from hackers that have used various tactics to hijack employee accounts and then act as an insider. PAM solutions focus specifically on only those accounts with these escalated privileges and puts them under the microscope. It’s difficult for any organization to watch every activity, and PAM helps you monitor the highest risk accounts and layer additional security on to them. It allows for them to be controlled separately from other accounts and, bolstered with additional security and auditing, doesn’t hamper all users for the risk associated with a few.

You may be exploring PAM for a number of different reasons to help your organization ensure that privileged user accounts are carefully managed. More and more enterprises are deploying Privileged Access Management as a way to provide:

  • Mitigation of the risk associated with insider threats and hacking activity that targets privileged accounts
  • Better management and audit capabilities of the numerous parties that may have access to your corporate data and applications such as service providers, vendors and contractors
  • Operational efficiency for administrators
  • Documentation for audit purposes, to comply with federal regulations around privileged accounts

Whatever the reason you’re considering implementing PAM at your organization, GCA has the experience to help you scope, design, implement and manage an airtight PAM project.