BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe

PowerBroker Password Safe is a management solution tailored
to the management of password across enterprises.

Individual account passwords can be randomly configured for complex passwords that cannot be read – taking into account the complex nature and length of the password.

Furthermore, PowerBroker privileged management solution for passwords is only applicable to a single password checkout; hence, when the session is finished, the password is automatically replaced until the next session login request is approved.

In 2018, the manufacturing company – BeyondTrust – announced that PowerBroker Password Safe had successfully completed the CC certification. Common Criteria certification is a globally-recognized computer security test that involves rigorous review and testing. Software products that successfully pass this test have the privilege of being certified as a software solution that can cater to the needs of global enterprises and government agencies.

Hence, PowerBroker Password Safe has gthe title of being BeyondTrust’s best privileged account and session management solution for entities that want to addresss compliance requirements and reduce data breach risk

PowerBroker Password Safe provides one-time passwords for privileged account sessions and can be combined with 2FA to promote a high level of confidence regarding users identity. The “Change Password After Release” feature is designed to execute this function.

BeyondTrust Password Safe brings together privileged password and password management, by providing safe management, discovery, monitoring, and auditing for privileged users. The tool enables enterprises to achieve total control and accountability over accounts.

Every consumer, with the help of PowerBroker Password Safe and OTPs, can boost their security measures by providing a unique Passover for every new connection and session. This simplistic security model is incredibly efficient in eliminating threats from affecting privileged accounts within your enterprise using attacks that ransom static passwords.

BeyondTrust Password Safe Features and Capabilities

Continuous Automated Account Discovery and Auto-Onboarding
Utilize a shared network discovery system to scan, pinpoint, and analyze all assets. Enterprising categorization promotes automatic admission into Smart Groups to foster efficient management

Secure SSH Key Management
Automatically interchange SSH keys based on a set schedule and execute granular workflow and access control. Use private keys to safely approve user access into Linus/Unix systems via the proxy, with zero user exposure to the core, complete with total privilege session recording

Application-to-Application Password Management
Erase embedded or hard-coded application credentials via an adaptable API interface that contains an unparalleled amount of Password Caches for redundancy and scalability.

Enhanced Privileged Session Management
Real-time session management supports dual control and enables administrators to record, document, and lock malicious behavior without stopping the session or impeding productivity levels.

Adaptive Access Control
Analyze context and make access easier by using factors like time, dated day, and location whenever a user login to resources to ascertain their authentication to access those networks.

Advanced Privileged Threat Analytics
Compute user behavior and asset characteristics daily, and assess the length and speed of changes made to the system to identify suspicious behavior.



What BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe Brings To Your Enterprise

PowerBroker Password Safe is designed to integrate with the BeyondInsight, the company’s advanced management platform. PowerBroker Password Safe is a single module within the variety of BeyondTrust Privilege Account Management solutions.





The tool focuses on managing, auditing, and securing privileged accounts to provide the access needed to execute their tasks safely while fulfilling compliance requirements. This is done without impeding the productivity level of the business users or IT department.

PowerBroker Password Safe customers also gain oversight over the risk affiliated with managed assets via a single console. The elective Vulnerability Management module prioritizes external threats and focuses on analyzing business impact, identifying exposures, and scaling remediation plans.

The influence of the BeyondTrust approach is the power available in BeyondInsight, offering the susceptibility and threat context while managing passwords under the tutelage of PowerBroker Password Safe.

Alerting in nowadays security-based IT environment usually creates an influx of alerts and data, which was seen in the famous Verizon data breach case. Storing too much data without context is a wrong way to identify breaches or vulnerabilities in your system.

PowerBroker BeyondInsight takes care of this problem by providing business owners with the ability to assess, filter, and sort historical data for vulnerabilities and privileged access. You can create reports and analytics for benchmarks, compliance, and possible scenarios with any set of devices, hardware, or server groups overseen by PowerBroker Password Safe.



BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe Technical Details



Devices Supported by BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe

  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • Web-based
  • Mac

Language Support For BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe

  • English

Customer Types for BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe

  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise

Deployment Of BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe

  • Onsite
  • Cloud-base

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