Security Information & Event Management

With new cyberthreats and breaches happening every day to enterprises across the globe, IT security is not just top-of-mind for your team – but also your shareholders and stakeholders. An undetected cyberbreach can cost millions of dollars from both penalties for non-compliance to federal regulations like HIPAA, PCI, HITECH, GLBA and SOX, and the loss of trust from your current and future customers. Take a proactive approach to identifying cyber security threats with a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.

SIEM can provide your organization with a holistic overview that allows for accurate monitoring, collection, analysis and identification of threats, with real-time alerts. Through ongoing data collection, SIEM can pinpoint irregularities and patterns that may indicate a breach. Instead of detecting a threat after it’s already happened, you can detect it in real-time to limit your organization’s exposure. In today's world, it’s not a matter of if, but when an organization will be breached. SIEM can help you react quickly to stop the breach, reduce the time hackers have access to your valuable data and limit how much data is stolen.

Our experienced team can help you assess your readiness for a SIEM deployment, or evaluate your current SIEM solution to ensure you’re getting the most protection out of your investment. We leverage our best-of-breed portfolio to provide you with a solution that is uniquely tailored to your IT environment and aligned to your organization’s IT security objectives.