Single Sign-On

With your employees accessing numerous enterprise applications just to get their jobs done, simplifying passwords is more than a matter of convenience – it’s also a matter of security and efficiency. A Single Sign-On (SSO) solution allows your employees (and your external constituents such as clients, patients, citizens, independent agents, etc.) to enter one set of credentials to access various applications, based on the specific identity data you’ve stored for each user. Our team can offer your organization SSO functionality for on-premises applications, as well as mobile and cloud apps, and can help you with a password replay or federated SSO solution. Regardless of where your users are accessing your applications, GCA can provide comprehensive tools and expertise to bring simple and secure SSO to your organization.

An SSO solution can solve a number of challenges in your organization:

  • Simplifies access for all users by reducing “password fatigue” caused by remembering different user name and password combinations.
  • Improves security by eliminating the need for users to create easy passwords that can easily be compromised by social hacking, to re-use old passwords, or to store them improperly for convenience (think no more employee sticky notes containing their credentials stored under their keyboards or in an unlocked desk drawer).
  • Eliminates wasted user time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity.
  • Creates fewer user calls to your internal help desk to request password resets by eliminating the need for users to remember numerous passwords.
  • Increases efficiency for IT staff and lowers administration costs by automating workflows based on internal policies.
  • Simplifies access for external users (such as third-party contractors or business partners) with inbound federation that can leverage social media or cloud credentials. Not only can this boost usage as it simplifies enrollment for your customers and partners, but it also eliminates the need for your organization to secure and maintain credentials – because you never hold them.
  • Eases adoption of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security. SSO and MFA work beautifully together as you only have to integrate MFA with one place (instead of 10, 20, or 30 places). For example, if SSO is in place for 20 of your applications, all 20 can automatically get MFA. In addition, by reducing the number of logins required, it is easier to justify asking the user for the second factor. When leveraged together SSO and MFA allow users to log in once to 20 different applications (for example) and creates a better and more efficient user experience.

Our team has extensive experience designing and deploying SSO solutions for the enterprise. We can help you implement a winning solution, so your organization can start reaping the benefits of the added security and improved user experience that SSO can offer.

View our VIDEO to learn how we implemented a robust and secure automated user provisioning and single sign-on environment for our client Community Health Systems, one of the leading operators of general acute care hospitals in the United States.