STEALTHbits StealthAudit

The organization that manufactures StealthAudit solution, STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc. is a reputable cybersecurity firm focused on providing solutions that protect enterprise sensitive data and the tools hackers use to steal information.

By eliminating unnecessary data access, enhancing security policy, and identifying advanced threats, they reduce security risks, maintain compliance requirements, and reduce operational costs.

Stealthbits StealthAudit is an IT architectural management framework that provides analytical, reporting, data collection, and remediation services. The robust framework of the solution is comprehensive and includes multiple reports and connectors. If you are looking for a management solution to create actionable reports for audit and compliance purposes, StealthAudit is the perfect tool to deploy.

With in-depth insight into each layer of AD, the forward tool that is StealthAudit acts as a lone solution to acknowledge the conditions that expose your enterprise to unwanted compliance, security, and operational risks.

Active Directory auditing of dynamic directory objects, group memberships, domains, attributes, sites, security configurations, and trusts are all processes executed by StealthAudit.


Compiles information on relevant information on Active Directory, from their attributes to objects to Group Policy Objects, domains, group memberships, configurations, sites, and more.


Use dozens of pre-scripted reports or create new custom reports in minimal time via StealthAudit’s robust analysis and reporting engines. AD group governance that allocates AD group owners and activates Active Directory membership reviews including AD self-service group management.


Assess and assign group ownership, execute automated membership reviews, and activates membership requests and self-service group management. AD permissions analyzers pinpoint efficient permissions applied to AD objects so enterprises can determine which Active Directory groups and users have privilege access to essential objects in Active Directory.


Assemble, analyze, and assign each permission to every object to identify which users have specific access to certain points in Active Directory. AD best security protocols immediately assess Active Directory security settings to determine and fix your Windows Operating System and Active Directory risks.


Pre-designed and customized security practices proactively search for and identities critical security settings that leave Active Directory susceptible to attack. It cleans up duplicate objects to boost Active Directory and to upgrade Active Directory operations and management.


Identify duplicate, stake, and toxic objects in the system and programmatically wipe them up through integrated actions to enhance security and decrease complexity. AD automated checks, identifies and fixes your top Windows Operating System and Active Directory security risks.


Preinstalled and personalized reports tags associated with different compliance standards such as PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR automate the creation of compliance artifacts. AD agent-less based infrastructure provides agent-less data collection, assesses information quickly, and sustains a lightweight digital footprint.


With a lack of agents to install, StealthAudit installs fast, gathers at lightning speed, and continuously maintain a lightweight digital footprint.



Regarding Desktop security and Windows Server, StealthAudit accurately assesses users who have privileged access to the system and how they execute their administrative privileges. It provides the collation and association capabilities required to unravel complicated access assignments, that are assigned at local or domain system levels.


  • Identify users who have entitled access to each system
  • Analyze local security protocols including who can log in remotely or via Remote Desktop Connections
  • Identify accounts that are executing services in each system
  • Control privilege by managing and analyzing the membership of remote groups


Preinstalled identification and auditing of different conditions and misconfigurations used by attackers to compromise the network itself, including the Active Directory, allowing for preemptive detection and anticipation of advanced attacks early in the kill chain.






StealthAUDIT for Windows helps in identifying the appropriate security configurations and privileged owners of systems for you to protect these systems in line with industry best practices.

  • Unauthorized data/programs
  • Illegal or malicious system identification
  • Last known location of stolen assets


Unconventional reports to pinpoint inadequate security configurations to assert operational and security policies by withholding changes and access that disrupt best practices and leave your organization susceptible to attack.

  • Windows Inventory
  • Software and Hardware Installed
  • Unauthorized and Rogue System Identification
  • Software License Compliance and Utilization


  • Perfect for specific use cases
  • Reduces risk an improves the work environment
  • Immediate escalation for potential issues
  • Reports are easy to create

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