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Copy of [GCA] Social Post #11 - Blog #11 - Zero Trust & Rolling Stones Concert

What The Rolling Stones Teaches Us About Zero Trust

One of the biggest roadblocks to effective IT is a lack of understanding throughout the organization. At GCA, we often use analogies to explain complicated methodologies to non-technical stakeholders. With this approach, the key concepts can be easily grasped and technical details like “Layer 7 Security” can be reserved for technical discussions. In this example, we’ll use a Rolling Stones concert to demonstrate zero trust in a way that is accessible to everyone at your organization. 



Capital One’s Story: The $80 Million Price of Not Following Best Practices

There are big fines waiting out there for organizations that do not take information security seriously. In 2019, Capital One paid an $80 million civil penalty for its role in a security breach that exposed the personal ...

Smart Female IT Programer Working on Desktop Computer in Data Center System Control Room. Team of Young Professionals Doing Code Programming

ForgeRock OpenAM Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

On Monday, July 12, 2021, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) gave notice of a vulnerability with ForgeRock’s OpenAM. This popular Access Management platform is used as a front end for web applica...

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