Varonis DatAdvantage

Varonis provides a framework to carry out data governance. It is a premium software for this process, as Varonis DatAdvantage aggregates permissions, user, data and access event information from file servers and directories.

Modern analytics applied to the curated information show precise data use and assess legal access based on organizational needs.


Varonis DatAdvantage Benefits for Businesses

The software solution provides:

  • Total audit trail of permission events and file events
  • Complete audit trail of email
  • Dual-direction visibility into permission for file systems
  • Data ownership verification via analysis of user behavior
  • Recommendations on modeling of changes and deleting excess permissions

Extensible infrastructure to contain other metadata, platforms  (Exchange, classification information through IDU Classification Framework, DatAdvantage for SharePoint, real-time alert via DatAlert, UNIX, etc.), and functionality.



Features and Benefits of Varonis DatAdvantage


  • Total bi-directional access into the permission framework of Window servers
  • Shows accessible data to specific users and groups and users/groups that have permission to folders
  • Pinpoint folders that require a data owner

Complete Audit trail

  • Applicable audit trail of every file touch on controlled servers
  • Comprehensive information on every file in a centralized database that is sortable and searchable
  • Data collection that is carried out with little impact on the file server and without the need for native Windows auditing

Modeling, Recommendations, and Audit

  • Actionable intelligence on prime location for the deletion of group memberships and file permissions without disrupting the business process
  • Model permissions replaced without impeding production environments
  • Commit changes to ACLs and AD objects via a single gateway

Data Ownership Identification and Involvement

  • Mathematical analysis of user behavior identifies executive owners of data
  • Configurable and automated reports involve data keepers in the data governance niche
  • Improves complete data owner involvement with the use of DataPrivilege feature

Expandable Framework

  • Data categorization information available via the IDU Classification Framework
  • Get real-time alerts on relevant events, including changes executed outside of regular change control hours with the help of Varonis DatAlert
  • SharePoint, Exchange, and UNIX available with DatAdvantage for SharePoint, DatAdvantage for Exchange, and DatAdvantage for UNIX
  • Monitors changes in permissions and group members

Visibility into Permissions

By integrating user and group information collected directly from LDAP, Active Directory, NIS, and other directory mediums with a complete profile of the file system, Varonis DatAdvantage provides organizations with a full scope of their permission structure. Both physical and logical permissions are organized and displayed highlighting and aggregating share permissions.

Tag, annotate and flag your folders and files to analyze, track and report data, users, and groups. The software solution also provides you with a pictorial representation of every user and group that can access specific data banks including folders that can be obtained by each user and group.




Varonis DatAdvantage Complete Audit Trail

Varonis DatAdvantage oversees every file accessed on the file system, processes, stores, and normalize them in a normalized database to make them easily searchable and sortable. Comprehensive information is provided for every file event which means all data is monitored and reported on to data owners.

There is zero need for data collection regarding auditing on Windows. The program does not require native object auditing.

 Modeling and Recommendations of Varonis DatAdvantage

By polling together information on who is privy to data, the audit trail of users or groups that have access to data, the modern bidirectional cluster analysis, DatAdvantage provides useful intelligence regarding the points where group memberships and excess file permissions can be safely deleted without disrupting business workflow.

Varonis DatAdvantage also stimulates permission changes and can model changes in the system to ensure they are tested without impeding the production environment.

Data Ownership Identification Feature of Varonis DatAdvantage

Since every file access event is audited, Varonis DatAdvantage performs analysis of user behavior to pinpoint business owners of data successfully. Companies can also upload a spreadsheet of data owners to assign users a robust number of folders.

Reports on data activity, access, and changes to the groups and folders, as well as stale data,  can be sent automatically to data owners to foster a sense of involvement in the data governance process. If owners are replaced, access can be replaced or cloned to ensure that data ownership maintenance is maintained.



Varonis DatAdvantage helps hundreds of organizations to maintain enterprise-wide data governance productively, via efficient and automated data controls. The data governance solution ensures proper permissions, proper data use, and helps companies to fulfill their financial, legal, data privacy, and intellectual requirements.

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