MicroFocus / NetIQ - Access Manager (NAM)

Identity and Access Management has four goals: To grant authorized access to users, eliminate risks of unwanted access to systems, protect and enhance the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of user data, and make it easy for owners to execute the information security policy of the organization.

Every year, it gets harder for your enterprise to secure web access. It can be a challenge to find a solution that addresses Access Management for your mobile, cloud-based, on-premises and intranet needs. MicroFocus / NetIQ – Access Manager (NAM) removes the complexity of Access Management and provides you SSO using just one technology.

Why You Need MicroFocus / NetIQ – Access Manager (NAM)

The benefit of this technology is seen when you look at the steps that your enterprise must follow when hiring or firing an employee. Below is a typical scenario involving an employee we will call Steve.

  • Your enterprise hires Steve. Steve quickly becomes frustrated because he’s wasting time trying to access different systems
  • IT is tasked with getting Steve connected to the various systems. But they do not have all of the necessary data. So they are now on the phone with management
  • Additionally, IT needs to update each user’s identity manually in every system. Your enterprise’s help desk costs skyrocket
  • Coincidentally, Steve is transferred to a different department. IT has to go through the whole process again. Data and access rights for every system have to be changed manually. This gets Steve, and the IT department frustrated
  • When Steve leaves the company, there is a real security issue. IT must immediately disable Steve’s access to the company’s system to foster a secure and compliant environment.

Any errors in this process could put your company’s data at risk and lead to compliance issues. Your employees, your clients, and your enterprise partners trust you to keep private information and data safe. Failure to do this can lead to revenue loss and a damaged reputation.

MicroFocus / NetIQ – Access Manager (NAM) helps you by simplifying and streamlining this process.

This is accomplished by minimizing the length of the process. IT needs to employ to create, change, or remove user accounts.

Some of the features Access Manager uses to accomplish these tasks include:

  • Risk-Based Authentication– This technology allows administrators to determine authentication levels based on the risk profile
  • Single Sign-on Everywhere: Your employees and partners only need one login to access all web-based and mobile applications
  • Standards-Based Federation: Grant your employees secure access to applications that are hosted externally
  • Single Point of Administration: Configure and manage your environment from just one console. You will no longer need to configure agents or individual web servers
  • Self-Service Password Administration: This feature lets your employees reset their passwords and lock accounts without calling the helpdesk while simultaneously employing security policies.

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Benefits of MicroFocus NAM

Organizations utilize MicroFocus / NetIQ – Access Manager AM solution for different reasons. Below, we have summarized the positives associated with the use of the product.

  • A Flexible Tool– This technology has been designed for easy installation and configuration. Updates have been crafted to integrate smoothly with existing systems. Many clients have started on version 1.1 and have successfully upgraded to version 4.4 without any glitches.


  • Excellent Web Access Solution for Mobile and Fixed Users: This is a secure web access feature that accompanies Single Sign-on and Federation. It serves as the gateway for employees to access web pages, whether they are in the office or on the road. Once the technology is installed, it is easy to create a structure that allows users access to the web-based services that they need easily and quickly. Securely deliver access to internal and out-of-the-box web applications. A bonus is SSO.


  • Mobile Access: Access Manager supports the Mobile Access app for enterprises that want to provide web-based apps for their mobile users. Whether it’s for customers or internal use, Access Manager authenticates and enforces the proper access controls for each application.

Where this technology shines is in its ability to audit and report. You can analyze potential risks, identify areas that are not compliant with in-house or governmental regulations, execute the needed changes as needed and prove that your organization is compliant with set regulations.


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Integrates seamless with existing architecture
  • Secure web access solution
  • Very flexible
  • Excellent vendor support