Imperva WAF (Web Application Firewall) protects web applications from online attacks.

The software solution is designed to adapt to threats, eliminate the risk of cyber attacks, mitigate data breaches, and ensure that web applications meet their regulatory compliance requirements like PCI DSS 6.6.

When web applications are attacked, service gets shut down, and sensitive data are liable to theft. Imperva web application firewall inspects and analyzes incoming requests to applications with the intention of stopping any form of cyber attacks. Imperva WAF is a cloud-managed service that shields your application from layer attacks, including zero-day threats and OWASP top 10.

One is such solutions is Imperva Incapsula which is utilized mainly in blocking mode as it can exclude false positives due to application-conscious mechanics and dynamic profiling. Incapsula GUI is accessed via the online Management Console with the help of a web browser. Imperva’s WAF security services are fitted with DDoS mitigation functions and a fast CDN.

The service is highly customizable, PCI-certified, SIEM-ready and tailored for the sole purpose of blocking threats with low false positives.

Imperva Waf: Web App Firewall Overview and Analysis

Imperva Web Application Firewall is rated highly by analysts and is designed to fight against web application security risks. It is employed by midsize and large organizations to combat any potential security breach.

Imperva Web App Firewall Product Description

Imperva Web Application Firewall is rated highly by analysts and is designed to fight against web application security risks. It is employed by midsize and large organizations to combat any potential security breach.

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How Imperva WAF Works

Imperva Incapsula CDN is the pathway for all inbound traffic to your web application. This places it in the perfect position to filter malicious requests like XSS attacks, SQL injections, and more. Imperva Incapsula identifies threats through the different layers of security policies that are regularly updated and maintained by a world-class security team.

Incapsula crowdsourcing feature aids threat discovery by using current attack information from its network to protect the entire customer community.

Incapsula security solutions for web applications are run as managed services that can be quickly deployed without any need for software or hardware upgrades.

Key Benefits of Imperva Incapsula WAF

Imperva WAF excels in certain key areas which are listed below:

  • Advanced bad bot mitigation
  • Superior persistent threat protection
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ability to integrate Incapsula with various CDNs
  • Activation only requires DNS change
  • Up-to-date signatures against existing and emerging threats
  • Data collected from the customer community enhances Imperva WAF service

Rating Imperva WAF Features

  • Security: Exceptional in this regard. Imperva WAF utilizes dynamic application profiling to note all the areas of a web app typical patterns, including URLs, acceptable user inputs, directories, and parameters. This allows it to pinpoint accurately and ward off attacks with low false positives. Zero-day threats and OWASP top 10 threats that constitute application layer attacks are dealt with accordingly.


  • Performance: Full marks in this area. Imperva WAF has zero performance restrictions in terms of transactions or throughput, coming in at an impressive 10Gbps, and <5ms.


  • Smart Building Connectivity: Download asset. Data security download.


  • Implementation: 10/10. Imperva WAF is a cloud-based manages service that can be set up in minutes.


  • Value: Offers excellent value for piece despite its exceptional features and performance. This is subject to the vendor’s discretion, especially for large deployments.


  • Virtual Patching: A recent security patch often leads to a race beteen0 IT teams covering gaps in the firewall and hackers rushing to exploit these gaps. Imperva WAF provides a better alternative. Patches are auto-applied allowing your applications to update on schedule. On-site WAF is delivered as a physical entity, virtual appliance, or activated in AWS and Azure (public cloud). The rate of deployment differs depending on the mode of implementation, the number of tools and other factors. Gartner even goes further to say the Imperva WAF “has easy deployment options as their application environment shifts.”


  • Support: Top notch. Clients have shown a high level of satisfaction with customer support, with emphasis on easy ticket resolutions.


  • Management: Per Gartner reviews, the product lack high-level executive reports, which indicates that reporting still needs improvement if they are to reach an enterprise-class level. A prominent CIO in the education industry is quoted saying “Imperva excels at customer service and partnership. Any technical issue we’ve had, we’ve immediately had the full attention of Imperva.”


  • Security Qualifications: DoD DISA, FIPS 140-2, FISMA, IRS 1075, MOST SO 800-53/800-137, Common Criteria.


  • Cloud Features: This cloud-based service is a managed service that can be set up in a minute.


  • Delivery: is delivered as a virtual appliance, physical appliance, and as a cloud service. It can be deployed onsite and on public domains like Azure and AWS.


  • Pricing: Prices are at the discretion of the vendor. It usually depends on the size of the enterprise, the number of applications, and the amount of bandwidth. Most enterprise customers purchase 4-5 virtual or physical appliances as an onsite WAF is priced per device.


Ultimately, Imperva WAF utilizes the information provided to establish new signatures that are enabled across its network. Hence, Incapsula customers are continuously protected by a leading cloud-based CDN security service without having to worry about the evolving attack landscape or having to perform impromptu patches firing vulnerable periods.

Imperva WAFs ability to protect against newly detected vulnerabilities is essential in a global cyber environment that is continually combating new attack vendors invented by cybercriminals. Furthermore, Imperva WAF service eliminates disturbance to your web application and upgrades your site’s performance which is always appreciated.