Our Business Process: How We Fix the 50% That Fail

A lot of companies can offer you some form of access management service, but GCA is different from the rest. More than 50% of the projects we handle come from failed access management implementations. We succeed where others have failed.

We understand that managing your digital identities is more than just giving your stakeholders an easy way to log in. At GCA, customer success is delivered through consistent and continuous reporting with the ability to easily pivot when alterations to the strategy are necessary.

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What makes GCA different?

At GCA, we focus on three key factors of success: people, processes and technology. For years we have been providing our clients use cases, test cases and designs to keep them up to date.

We focus on moving your business from people-dependent to system-dependent. By implementing automated processes, your employees and clients are able to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time getting real work done.

How our methodology keeps you in the know.

Our methodology revolves around keeping you informed about the work we’re doing.
Throughout each phase, we provide you with continuous validation and reporting.

Discover and Design

In the first phase, we discover your pain points and conduct an interview to find out where the bottlenecks are in your organization. Next, we design a proof of concept for us to agree on together. Once the proof of concept has been signed off on, we move to the development phase.

Develop and Debug

This is the point where we begin to develop the architecture of the solution. At each stage of development, the architecture will have to pass rigorous peer reviews, check-ins and validations. Once it’s fully debugged, it will move to the next phase.

Deploy and Debrief

This is where your solution is deployed. Once it’s live, we’ll create a report and meet with you for a debrief. At GCA, our work is never done. We’ll continue to partner with you to provide assistance and keep your system top-of-line.

We can incorporate multiple systems.

We understand that your business has multiple systems. That’s why we provide dozens of integrations.
Our top integrations include:

How we use logic flows to cut meeting time.

We understand that not everyone is a CIO. On the IGA support side, we estimate 30% of troubleshooting time is spent ramping up engineers on functionality because a logic flow doesn’t exist. During client design meetings, anywhere between 30% and 50% of the meeting is spent getting everyone up to speed.

Our logic flows cut wasted meeting time because they are easily understood by IT and business professionals alike. A lot of companies have logic flows, but we specialize in creating effective communication pieces.

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